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Amissiontech Co.,Limited - Enpower the connection

          Amissiontech was established in 2013 and designed to be a professional manufacturer for industrial connection. We develop, manufacture and sell reliable industrial connectors under our own brand name"AMSone". In additiion, Amissiontech, by offering professional cable harness services and interconnection solutions , keeps the world running in every area and market segment.

          At China, Amissiontech maintains a R&D center, lab and assembly workshops with ISO and UL certified. We design all parts including contacts and shields as well as the matching plastic insulating bodies and housings ourselves. In order to offer maufacturer guaranteed high quality and cost effective products and services, we work together with qualified and competitive tooling manufacturer, CNC-turnery, and plastic injection molding plant, and then be more flexible and able to focus on design-in process, quality control and final assembly.

          In addition to our standard connectors manufacturing, we also have rich experience in tailor-made non-standard interconnection applications request from the first idea through development up to series production. Our R&D team by using Solidworks software work out 2D and 3D drawings for tooling development and design evaluation. Integrating within house processes such as cable preparation, contacting, inner and outer molding, final assembly, testing, labeling and packing and inspection, we are able to offer flexible manufacturing and best technical solutions for whatever type of connection you need, which also means highly available, durable, and efficient and makes us a specialist in custom designing and production!